… and so many more useful takeaways!
  •   Speak your mind, free of judgement
  •   OWN your opinions that are different from your family, friends, & social groups
  •   Let go of inhibitions that are preventing you from exploring your passions
  •   Develop confident body language
  •   Trust your own inner authority and intuition to lead yourself and family 
By the end of this challenge, you will see a HUGE shift in your ability to:
Feel empowered as you boost your confidence and release yourself from conformity and comparison.
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I want you to fully EMBRACE your authentic nature as you realize and stay TRUE to your values, unique personality, and free spirit. 
This is possible for you regardless of outside pressures!
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Discover Your Authentic Nature

Identify Pressures and Where You're Hiding

Balance Your Divine Masculine & Feminine Energy

Embodiment Practices For Confidence

Day 5
Support For Integrating Back Into The World

I'm Brandy Falcon, and I've been helping women and their families heal on every level for over 2 decades.

My clients call me a Modern Medicine Woman because I marry Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shamanic Healing, and Lightwork with my strong science background.

What I find is that most women can only get so far with conventional therapies that don't address the root cause of their issues. Sometimes these relationships and medicines can make you feel dependent and less confident. You may feel frustrated, unheard, and overlooked.

What you really want is to become self-reliant and find deeper meaning in your life as you heal. I can guide you on a wellness journey that helps you experience freedom and joy.
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